Saturday, July 9, 2011

Episode 10: I don't eat food.

Lenore: Your daughter?
Ofelia: Her daughter?

Ofelia: What kind of place is this?
Lenore: You keep her in a cave?!?

Carmilla: A cave? That’s what you call this room? With its plush carpet and toys, it’s a cave? My daughter is highly allergic to sunlight and bright colors hurt her eyes! What do you expect me to do?

Carmilla: Would you like me to leave her upstairs in the sunroom to die? To be scared to death by people the way she is? Just because it fits your idea of what might be best for a child you don’t even know? I’m willing to bet that’s exactly what you’d like.

Ofelia: I saw Mercy. This “child” drinks blood. She attacks and hurts people. She attacked Mercy! And you keep her! You’re a monster!

Carmilla: I’m a monster, am I? Little girl, I will show you what it’s like to confront a monster.

Silas: Get out of here! Both of you!

Ofelia: You knew about this?
Silas: Get out!

Lenore: What are we going to do?
Ofelia: I don’t know. We have to leave, we can’t stay here.
Lenore: What about Oryx?

Ofelia: Didn’t you hear me? I don’t know!

Lenny: Well, I know a few things. Our cousin is unconscious and it doesn’t appear that will change for a while. We don’t have the means to get her anywhere. That means we stay. For now. They won’t do anything to us while we might go to the police, right?

Ofelia: I don’t know. Silas, no, but Carmilla…she might do anything to protect that…thing.

Lenore: I’m not leaving Oryx alone then. She can’t defend herself.
Ophelia: Fine. I’m going to think.

Moments later…
Ofelia: Who’s there?
Silas: Silas.

Ofelia: Go away, I don’t want to see you.
Silas: Please, let me in.
Ofelia: Fine.

Silas: Where’s Lenore?
Ofelia: With Oryx. What do you want?

Silas: It’s not what you think. Not entirely so.
Ofelia: What I think is that this is a house full of psychopaths hiding the most psychotic in a room in the basement.

Silas: Then it’s nothing like you think. Lucy has problems. She’s not a psychotic, and she’s not dangerous. She’s my little sister and I love her.
Ofelia: How can you claim to love a child who drinks…drinks other people’s blood?

Silas: What do you think I am, Ofelia? Tell me that. Just what do you think that I am? I sit next to you at dinner, but have I ever finished before you got up? Have I ever touched my food?
Ofelia: What are you saying? What do you mean, Silas?

Silas: I don’t eat food, Ofelia.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Episode 9: Lucy




Oryx: I know I freaked you out, but it’s not really necessary to walk me back to my room.
Ofelia: Hey, the buddy system works. We’ll walk you to your room, and go back to ours together. I just feel better this way until we know what’s going on.

Oryx: Okay then, if it makes you guys happy.

Oryx: Holy shit! That’s the…that’s who I saw!

Oryx: OOF! *THUMP*
Ofelia: Christ in heaven, what is that?
Lenny: Oryx!

Ofelia: Go after that thing! I’ll get help!

Ofelia: You’re a doctor – what happened in here??
Julia: It was…she overpowered me. Mercy is practically drained…please help me!

Julia: Did you see her?
Ofelia: That thing with the weird eyes? Yes. She ran over Oryx. I was coming to you for help.

Julia: Oryx is hurt? Where? Tell me! Now!
Ofelia: In the hallway, she’s unconscious.

Julia: Oh, God, Oryx! How could this happen?

Julia: Go find Lucy. She’s probably headed back to the basement.
Ofelia: It’s called Lucy?!?


Lenore: GOTCHA! You're not going anywhere!

Carmilla: STOP IT!
Lenny: This thing! It attacked Oryx!

Carmilla: She’s not a thing! Get off my daughter!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Episode 8: Lock Your Door

Ofelia: Um…what is this?
Lenore: Looks like Door sneezed on my plate…

Silas: It’s collared greens. There’s been a contaminant in the water supply, the greens…counteract it.
Ofelia: Can we just stop drinking the water?

Silas: Oh, no, I mean, it’s gone now. It’s just that…you’ve probably already ingested it, so we’ll be eating greens for a while.
Lenore: Why don’t you have any?
Silas: Well…

Carmilla: Silas and I are immune to such contaminates, but when it comes to our attention we make sure our guests are fortified. You’re welcome to leave if you’d rather not ingest the occasional contaminates, or the greens. Maybe you have an aversion to the extra iron?
Lenore: Oh! No, no, it’s fine.
Carmilla: It’s settled then.

Oryx: Hey, babe, how you doing?
Julia: Everything’s fine.
Oryx: You seem like something’s wrong.

Julia: No. Mercy’s been kind of weak since I left her last night.
Oryx: Yeah, about that, too bad Silas got so on your case.
Julia: Well, she has problems. I know that, and I shouldn’t have been so irresponsible. That’s not why I’m here.

Julia: I’m sorry for being so harsh. Do you…miss me?
Oryx: Oh, sure, Jools. You know it.
Julia: I miss you too.

Oryx: So anyway, I wanted to ask you, have you seen anything weird around here lately? Like, weirder than the usual weird?
Julia: I’m not sure I know what you mean.

Oryx: Well, I haven’t had the chance to talk to you, but after I left the room I saw someone wandering around the hallway.
Julia: Someone?

Oryx: Yeah. They went towards Door’s room, when I tried to follow, Door was the only one there.
Julia: Maybe it was Door you saw.

Oryx: No, Door’s always wearing white. This person was dressed in black. And short. Door’s taller than I am.
Julia: It was late. You’d had some wine. It was probably Door and your eyes played tricks on you.

Oryx: I’m no stranger to things a lot worse than a few glasses of wine.
Julia: It’s strong wine.

Lenore: I’ve never heard of contaminated water being cured by disgusting food.

Ofelia: It wasn’t disgu…well, it was disgusting. But it won’t hurt you. And it’s not like we majored in biology, maybe there IS a contaminate.

Oryx: Hey, ladies. I gotta ask you something, because it’s bugging the crap out of me. Have either of you noticed anything weird?
Lenore: Weirder than being threatened with eviction if we don’t eat green snot?

Oryx: You know, that IS odd. I’ve been here over a year and never heard a word about contaminated water. But anyway, no, not like food. Well, maybe, I don’t know how that would work into it…
Ofelia: And "it" would be?

Oryx: Sorry. I saw someone last night. I was with Julia, as you know, Lenny, and Mercy had a nightmare. We ran in there, and as I was leaving because it was none of my business, I saw someone in the hallway.

Lenore: Who was it?
Oryx: If I knew, I wouldn’t be saying it was weird.

Ofelia: Wow, no, I don’t know anything about someone wandering around.
Oryx: Okay, I’m sure it’s nothing. Just to be sure, lock your door tonight.